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Behavior Consultations are for those people whose dog/dogs are experiencing specific behavior issues. We will evaluate your dog’s behavior to discover the root cause of the problem(s) at hand. We will then develop a management, training, and behavior modification program designed to address these issues. Consultations are not a “one time fix” all meeting. Rather, these lay the foundation for ongoing work to be done.

We address common behavioral issues such as jumping, pulling, counter-surfing, low level reactivity, low level stress and anxiety.

We also address more severe behavioral issues such as resource guarding, dog-dog aggression, dog-human directed aggression, fear of strangers, fear of the world, barrier reactivity (leash, fence, other), separation anxiety and more.

Please call to schedule: 678-642-2282  We will then also send you all necessary forms and documents to be filled before we meet with you.

Payment is due in full in advance of our meeting with you.  Cancellations within a 48 hour time frame before our meeting will result in a refund minus a 65.00 fee for late cancellation or rescheduling.


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