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Private Lessons, Pay Per 1 hour session is available as an option for those who do not wish to purchase a discounted training package.  Prerequisite:  Either a 90 minute Puppy Consultation for puppies under 5 months of age priced at 195 OR a Behavior Consultation/Evaluation priced at 254.  Thereafter, the hourly rate is 145.00.

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Pay by the hour option post consultation (vs training package purchase):

In-Home private training lessons are designed to meet your dog’s specific needs.  These may range from learning basic skills and manners to more serious issues which require behavior modification programs. In-Home is used loosely here as we will take training to wherever your dog needs it: at home, the neighborhood, the park, your car, or the vet’s office!

Who do we recommend this option for?

  • People who travel frequently
  • People who have a very full and busy schedule (families with children, for example)
  • People who know they tend to cancel appointments last minute ( you know yourself best!)
  • Those people  who do not want to be bound to the terms of the non-refundable package pricing

Prerequisite:  90 minute Puppy Consultation for puppies under 5 months of age OR Behavior Consultation/Evaluation of pup or pooch older than 5 months.  Puppy Packages include the puppy consultation.  Packages for older pups and pooches do not.  This is separate and lasts 90 minutes or more to give us the best plan of action for addressing behavioral issues, be they mild or more severe.  In most cases (not all but most), if no training or socialization has been done early in a pup’s life then behavior struggles of one sort or another may be a given later on.  



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