Puppy Training Eight Lesson



Our Puppy 8-Pack is designed to set you and your pup up for real life ready success!  It offers everything that our 5 pack does and more (for more savings) because we know that more is what is really needed to truly be successful as you navigate puppyhood and enter into the teenage months/years. Rather than just getting an introduction to foundational skills as in the 5-pack, you will actually start to build these skills within this 8-pack. This package is for those puppy owners who seek to continue to get the best in training and behavioral guidance for their pup as he/she begins to mature. It is not for those who simply wish to check “puppy training” off the list. We seek serious minded and committed individuals who are as committed as we are to the training process.

BEFORE YOU PURCHASE:  Please contact us via the contact tab on this website. We want to make sure you are right for us and we for you. We also want to make sure that you are within our service area.   Thank you!

Payment is required to schedule.  Cancellations within a 48 hour window before our first scheduled training session are refundable minus a 65 dollar fee for late date cancellation of a package.  Thereafter, all cancellations and rescheduled training sessions which occur within the 48 hour window prior to a scheduled session are forfeit. 

For those who travel frequently or have an extremely busy life-style, we recommend our pay per session hourly rate of 165.  We are happy to discuss payment options with you!

All Package purchases are non-refundable and expire at 6 months after purchase.



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