Scent Work 4 Fun: 12 Week Virtual Class



Did you know how important it is for our dogs to explore with their noses?  It is their unique and most powerful gift.  Just over 40% of a dog’s brain is olfactory.  Recent studies have shown that  dogs who participate in Nose/Scent Work Classes / Activities regularly struggle with fewer behavior issues.  And, for those dogs who do struggle with issues such as fear, reactivity,  certain forms of aggression or even anxiety, scent work games can help reduce the severity of these issues by building confidence, relationship with their handler, and a purposeful job to do which uses their best quality: the canine nose.  The power of Scent Work cannot be underestimated AND it is FUN.  REALLY FUN!!!  This course includes a variety of fun games that you can easily do in your home, garden, out and about on a walk or hike, with or without team mates. All you need is you, your dog, and  just a small handful of other things. Do you want to work together as a team with your dog to solve puzzles and just have fun exploring together?  Do you want to be wowed, dazzled and amazed by your dog’s unique gift and talent?  Then this class is for you.

This VIRTUAL CLASS will be held on ZOOM for 12 weeks at  6:30 p.m. Duration: 1 hour  Cost: 425.00.  Limited to 10 dog-handler teams.  Structure:  Alternating Content Hour with Q&A Hour every 2 weeks.  Can’t make all the sessions?  No problem. It is all recorded and you can watch and learn anytime.  In addition, we already have an established FaceBook Support Group just for this class alone. We post videos to guide you and inspire you. We celebrate wins. We celebrate and laugh at bloopers. We give support and feedback every step of the way. All you need to do is participate in the games and bask in the brilliance of your dog’s searching and locating talents.

Next Start Date:  Tuesday, January 31st at 6:30 p.m.  REGISTRATION IS OPEN                This is a specialty course that we offer only twice a year so now is the time to jump in!

Feel free to call with any questions: 678-642-2282


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