Virtual Reactive Pooch Rehab Class



Do you own a dog who lunges and barks at other dogs, people, and maybe even cars when on lead??? Do you find yourself dreading the daily “walk” rather than enjoying it?  Then this class is for you and your pooch.

Leash Reactivity is without a doubt the top struggle we see in dogs living in the 21st century. It leaves dog owners, frustrated, embarrassed, scared to death in some cases, and feeling just plain helpless.  There is HOPE for you and your dog.  It does not need to be this way.  In fact, as the owner of a once reactive dog (now deceased) myself, I have been there with the fear, the embarrassment, and the isolation.  If we could overcome this, so can your dog with the right approach.

Join us for this 12 week virtual beginning level course for dogs who struggle with reactivity (AKA Leash Aggression).  We will meet via ZOOM for 12 weeks from 6:30 to 7:30.   The structure will be alternating one week of instruction and skill building with the next week dedicated to Q&A and owner support.  We know there will be MANY questions as we move through this course and we want to be able to answer all of them.  There will also be a special Face Book Support Group specifically dedicated to you and your pooch.

The virtual option is the BEST way to begin working with your reactive pooch.  Your pooch does not need to be with other dogs to learn how to cope better ….Not in the beginning.  In the beginning, we take the dog away from the situation and work FOR the situation. We build the skills needed to cope and respond to environmental triggers differently.  In other words, we begin in the shallow end of the pool and gradually build towards being able to handle the deep end (your dog’s specific triggers).

COST 485 for all 12 weeks.


For more information, call us at: 678-642-2282    This class is being taught by a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant, CDBC.  

PREREQUISITE:  Either an online OR in person Behavior Consultation.


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