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Did you know that early training can help prevent unwanted problem behaviors from ever developing in the first place? It is the best investment you can make for your new family member and one that will come back with interest, too! At Pups To Pooches Dog Training, we are here to help you and your pup or pooch attain the best possible future together!

We want you to remember Pups2Pooches Dog Training. We want you to walk away satisfied. To us, word of mouth is essential, and a positive review is entirely based on your experience with us. We can promise that we will stay true to our values so that you will be eager to work with us again.


Our Services

In-Home private training lessons are designed to meet your dog’s specific needs. These may range from learning basic skills and manners to more serious issues that require behavior modification programs. In-Home is used loosely here as we will take training to wherever your dog needs it: at home, the neighborhood, the park, your car, or the vet’s office! Prices vary depending on the type of training needed, the number of dogs being worked with, and travel miles.

We do offer In-Home/Private Puppy Training Packages at a lower cost than those for older pups: $665 for  five training sessions, $985 for eight training sessions, and then a single session or Puppy Consultation is $245.00. This offer is for puppies between 8 and 20 weeks old. When you come on board to train with us when your puppy is young, we hold that special puppy pricing for the duration of your training stay with us.

Pups To Pooches Dog Training offers a variety of group classes, season and weather permitting:

Puppy Kindergarten (socialization, housebreaking, foundation behaviors/skills): six week class; AKC S.T.A.R Puppy Evaluation is offered as part of this class for those who are present for at least 6 out of the 6 classes.

Pup 2 Perfection 101 Beginning Life Skills Class (foundation skills and basic manners): seven week class

Pup 2 Perfection 202 (intermediate skills): six week class

Teenage Transformation Life Skills Class (designed to meet the needs of dogs who need remedial training as they and their owners face the challenges unique to doggie adolescence): 7 week class

Cost for each class: $235.00. with the exception of 101 and Teenage classes which are $275.00 for 7 class sessions. Classes are taught on the grounds of Pet Med Plus veterinary clinic located at 2848 Holcomb Bridge Road, Alpharetta, GA 30022

Behavior Consultations are for those people whose dog/dogs are experiencing specific and/or complex behavior struggles. Consultations allows us to dig deep to discover the root causes of the struggles you and your dog are experiencing. From our consultation with you and evaluation of your dog, we will then develop a training plan and behavior work program designed to address these struggles.  Consultations are not a “one time fix” all meeting. Instead, these lay the foundation for ongoing work to be done. 

Consultation Cost: 295.00   Consults last 90 minutes (occasionally more).

All puppies who complete six classes of Puppy Kindergarten or Pup2Perfection 101 Life Skills Class may be eligible for S.T.A.R Puppy upon passing the S.T.A.R Puppy Evaluation at no extra cost.

Any dog may take the Canine Good Citizen test upon completion of our CGC workshop. The workshop cost is $185.00. Cost includes the CGC Evaluation when passed. Workshop does not guarantee a passing score.

Phone Consultation: 95 dollars *  Virtual Consultation: 145 dollars* In-Home Consultation 195 dollars

Duration: 1 hour

Confused about which breed is right for you, your family, and your life-style???  We can help. In addition, most people do not know what questions should be asked of a breeder, what to look for in the puppy environment, how to recognize red flags or what red flags to even look for, and so much more.  At no time more than during the pandemic, have we seen more people getting the wrong puppy or rescue dog and for the wrong reasons. When families choose a round key to fit their square lock, the results can be devastating and heartbreaking for all involved, including the puppy or shelter adoption. Contact us through the contact tab on this website to schedule your call or in-person consultation today. If you call us, please remember that this call is to schedule and not to confer.  We will schedule you and then answer your questions in the consultation.