From puppy antics to more troublesome behavior struggles

We offer simple game-based solutions which yield transformative results.

Feeling overwhelmed and frustrated by doggie behaviors you did not expect when you brought that dream pup or pooch home? We have walked in your shoes. Using a simple game-based approach, we can help you get the connection, confidence, and skills needed to transform the life you share with your dog.

Private training sessions and group classes tailored to foster the relationship between owners & dogs.

Our services

Puppy Training

Are you struggling with your adorable new puppy? Has your dream pup turned into a nightmare of nipping, chewing, potty accidents in the home or barking in the crate all night? We can help you turn your puppy struggles into strengths.

Behavioral Struggles

Feeling frustrated, embarrassed, and overwhelmed by your dog’s behavior? Separation anxiety, aggressive behaviors, and other behavior struggles. We can help ease the struggles and get your life together back on track.

Private Training

In-Home private training lessons are designed to meet your dog’s specific needs. These may range from learning basic skills and manners to help with behavior issues. We’ll meet not only in your home but also wherever your dog needs it: the neighborhood, the park, your car, or the vet’s office!

Group Classes

Our group classes take a games-based approach to make learning fun for both dog and human. We work on problem solving for puppy and beyond issues such as jumping, pulling on leash, and not listening to you at all. We can help you emerge as a connected and confident team.

Who we are

Welcome to Pups2Pooches Dog Training and Behavior Consulting, where strong values merge with quality work.

We are Certified Professional Dog Trainers (CPDT-KA, CCDT).  In addition, owner Ann Lewis is a fully Certified Dog Behavior Consultant (CDBC) through the IAABC. Ann has been training and helping owners and their dogs for over a decade. Our team of certified training professionals offers a unique game based approach to training and behavior modification which is not only force free but stress free and fun as well. We pride ourselves in helping pet owners turn dog training struggles into strengths. We use reward-based training techniques that are simple to learn and which yield real-life applicable results. We offer ongoing guidance and education to the human end of the lead as we seek to create canine and human partners who become learners together for life.

We believe that fostering a strong and healthy connection between owners and their dogs lies at the very heart of any successful dog training program.

What we do

At Pups To Pooches Dog Training, we believe all dogs can learn! However, just like for us humans, one size does NOT fit all. We creatively tailor our instruction and training methods to meet individual needs and learning styles, both human and canine.
We offer education that is fun intending to create canine and human life-long learners!

We believe that training should begin the day you bring your pup or pooch into your home in order to prevent unwanted behaviors from developing and in order to give you and your dog the best future possible!

Successful training should result in a confident, happy, well mannered, and emotionally well-balanced dog. It should strengthen and deepen the human-canine bond.

We are passionate about the work we do, and we are constantly looking to exceed your expectations.

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Did you know that early training can help prevent unwanted problem behaviors from ever developing?

It is the best investment you can make for your new family member and one that will come back with interest, too!

At Pups2Pooches Dog Training, we are here to help you and your pup or pooch attain the best future possible together.