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Integrity, dedication & quality work – three things you will always find when you visit Pups2Pooches Dog Training.

Our mission

It is the mission of Pups To Pooches Dog Training to serve dog owners and dogs in the way that we have been served and helped. Our passion for training is driven in part by the desire to prevent dogs from ending up in shelters or, as in Jasper’s case, abandoned on the street at six weeks of age.

It is our goal to help owners prevent unwanted behaviors from ever developing. To this end, we encourage and foster responsible ownership, early training, and healthy owner-canine relationships.

Integrity, dedication & quality work – three things you will always find when you visit Pups2Pooches Dog Training.

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Pups 2 Pooches Dog Training and Behavior Consulting

Ann Lewis


Owner, Head Trainer, and Behavior Consultant at Pups To Pooches, LLC

Ann grew up all over the world but mainly in Madison, Wisconsin when her family was not in the U.K. or India. She graduated in 1978 with honors from Hamline University in St. Paul, MN with a double major, one in French and the other in Russian. Ann earned her M.A. in Russian Language and Literature in 1981 from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Ann has lived and studied both in France and in the former U.S.S.R. She has also travelled the world extensively. In 1993, Ann entered the teaching profession in Atlanta, GA. She was also busy raising a family at that time. Ann taught French for 26 years to elementary school children and retired from teaching in 2018 to pursue her passion for dog training full time and to build her training business. Ann’s educational background and years of experience working with children along with her knowledge and experience of cultures around the world gives Ann a unique edge in terms of working with dogs and their families in the Atlanta metro area. She is a pro at teaching humans as well as dogs.

Ann with Jasper


Ann’s journey toward becoming a dog trainer began when she lost her beloved White GSD Cody prematurely to cancer in April, 2009. However, her love of animals, and dogs in particular, goes way back to her childhood and particularly to that part lived in India when she was adopted by a street pye-pup who she named Sandy.

Through a series of events following the passing of Cody, Ann found herself on the path which led her to become a dog trainer.

The catalyst for heading down this path was the adoption of an eight week old GSD mix in June 2009. Jasper became Ann’s greatest teacher as she learned how to help him overcome his reactivity to dogs and cars (plus other rolling things) and build the confidence and self control he needed to become a happy and thriving pet dog in this busy 21st century world. Ann prides herself in being able to help client dogs who struggle with similar issues.

In the summer of 2010, while volunteering daily at Dekalb Animal Services, a second GSD mix entered Ann’s life. Libby came home with soon to be discovered Separation Anxiety issues. Libby also possessed a great deal of drive and a high desire to be busy all the time. She was the type of dog who would become “self-employed” if not given a job to do.

Libby became Ann’s other significant teacher. From there on, dog training became a necessity and a way of life. Classes, Private Lessons, Nose Work, Agility, and Sheep Herding became a regular part of life for Ann and her shepherds. From there, the path led to apprenticeship, school, more volunteer work, and ultimately to the founding of Pups To Pooches Dog Training in January, 2012. Soon after, in 2015 Ann graduated from CATCH Canine Training Academy and passed the CCPDT examination, earning her CPDT-KA professional training credentials. In addition, Ann is one among 5 trainers in the state of Georgia to achieve full certification as a CDBC (Certified Dog Behavior Consultant) through the IAABC (International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants). This credential is hard earned after hundreds of hours working a variety of challenging behavior cases and passing an extremely rigorous application process.

For the full scoop on Ann’s extensive training experience, career, and credentials, scroll to the bottom of this page. Our desire to keep learning is what keeps us at the top of our game when it comes to delivering the very best in dog training and behavior services to our clients.

Jasper and Libby passed on after leading full and happy doggie lives. Today, Ann lives with her 3 year old Beagle, Lucy. Scent/Nose Work for fun as well as tracking and long sniffy hikes are what Ann and Lucy love to do best together. Lucy has been quite the charming addition to Ann’s family and is loved by all who meet her.

When she is not doing dog related things, Ann enjoys cooking, wine, music, art, reading, family and friends.

Ann with Lucy

Kaya Forstall


Kaya grew up in metro Atlanta and graduated from Elon University with a degree in Psychology. She spent almost 9 years as a Zookeeper caring for and training a variety of animals including gorillas, bobcats, porcupines, and par-rots to name a few. In early 2020, Kaya graduated from CATCH Canine Trainer’s Academy (CCDT) with Ann as her mentor and is now also a Certified Professional Dog Trainer – Knowledge Assessed (CPDT-KA) after having passed a rigorous exam and accumulating 300 hours of hands on training with dogs. Kaya values the importance of continuing education.

In early 2021, she completed the Aggression in Dogs Master Course taught by world renowned Aggression Specialist, Michael Shikashio, CDBC. Kaya routinely participates in a variety of conferences and webinars in order to stay up to date on the most current positive reinforcement strategies. Her dedication to ongoing education in the field of dog training and behavior is what equips Kaya to best guild and support you and your pawfect pups along your training journey. When she is not working with dogs and their people, Kaya enjoys spending quality time with her family and significant other. Visiting wineries and dabbling in everything Disney are just a few of Kaya’s favorite things.

Kaya and pals 🙂

Anna Robertson


While growing up in Northeast Georgia, Anna lived in a home surrounded by forest.  Exploring and observing nature was and is among her favorite past times.  She especially enjoyed the abundant wildlife. Anna grew up loving animals of every kind, but she had a special passion for dogs. At a young age, her family added two dogs to the family. She loved training them and by the age of 8, taught one of the dogs a dance and would perform little shows for family in the bed of her dad’s pickup truck as a stage…And so, her love for training was born.  After high school, Anna graduated from CATCH Canine Trainer’s Academy Master Program with Ann Lewis as a mentor.  While a CATCH student, she was invited to be a founding member of Digging Dogs which is an online platform for dog trainers to expand their knowledge.  She also became certified by ProPetHero in First Aid and CPR for Pets. She is currently a 4.0 college student and competitor in dog agility.  She loves spending time with her two dogs, Lucy and Dizzy.  Lucy is the oldest and loves learning new tricks and skills.  During Covid lockdowns, Anna and Lucy would entertain residents at a rehab facility outside of their room windows when no visitors were allowed inside.  Seeing the smiles on the patients’ faces inspired her to continue using dogs and her training skills to brighten people’s days. When she is not doing college work or playing with animals, Anna enjoys time with family, 4-wheeling, traveling, and being a summer camp counselor.

Anna with Dizzy Day Dallas Dreamer

Anna with Lucy Leilani

Anna with Lucy and Dizzy

Integrity, dedication & quality work – three things you will always find when you visit Pups2Pooches Dog Training.

Ann D. Lewis, MA, CDBC, CPDT-KA, CCDT, PDT, FDM holds multiple certifications in the dog training profession. The CPDT-KA letters which follow Ann’s name show that she has met all the requirements of the Certification Counsel for Professional Dog Trainers to become a fully Certified Professional Dog Trainer- Knowledge Assessed. The CCDT letters show that Ann graduated from CATCH Canine Trainers Academy earning the title of CATCH Certified Dog Trainer. In addition, Ann has recently been chosen by CATCH Canine Trainers Academy to be featured as one of their “success stories”. Ann also was chosen by CATCH to be a CATCH Official Mentor Trainer for students in its training program.

Ann is a fully Certified Dog Behavior Consultant (CDBC) through the IAABC and as such, a fully Certified Member of the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants

Over the years, Ann has studied extensively on topics such as “how dogs think and learn” (Learning Theory), as well as ethology. She understands the principles of classical and operant conditioning and knows how to apply these in dog training and behavior modification.

In October of 2020, Ann successfully completed the Aggression In Dogs Master Course taught by world renowned specialist in dog aggression, Michael Shikashio, CDBC. For more information on Michael and his work, visit

In October of 2021, Ann successfully completed the L.E.G.S. Applied Ethology Family Mediation Course taught by one of the world’s few applied ethologists, Kim Brophey, CDBC and in so doing became a Certified L.E.G.S. FDM (Family Dog Mediator). L.E.G.S stands for Learning-Environment-Genetics-Self and offers a new, progressive, and game changing way in which to view dog behavior and the way in which we as dog training and behavior professionals understand and approach dog behavior struggles, taking all 4 of any dog’s given L.E.G.S into full consideration and daring to reach beyond the operant for solutions to behavior struggles. For more information on Kim and her ground breaking work, visit

Ann regularly participates in continuing education workshops, online as well as hands on courses, and conferences. She has had the privilege of being in the workshops and seminars of many of the world’s leading canine behavior experts and trainers.

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